After Hours

You can reach JCS Cleaners 24/7 with our new after hours call service, where you’ll be able to receive limited support from an experienced staff member. This service also works when our phone lines are busy.


How it works

  1. Call JCS Cleaners on 06 7514639.
  2. If no one picks up the call from our offices located in Spotswood, New Plymouth, you will be directed to a voice message which will enable you to dial 0 when prompted to be directed to our after hours team.
  3. Alternatively, the voice message also provides the contact details of our key supervisors, Robyn (Cleaning), Jonathan (Windows) and Michael (Office).
  4. Furthermore, if you do not wish to be directed to our after hours number, or contact a supervisor directly, you may leave an voice message yourself.
  5. Once you dial 0, the call will be transferred to one of our locally based customer care agents.

What can the after hours agent do?

Any requests that require account access unfortunately will need to be dealt with during working hours. This after hours number can be used for any purpose if you’re a customer with a commercial cleaning or commercial window cleaning service.